Monday, February 9, 2009

    Add bubbles to YUI

    YUI has been a great tool to create fast RUI web applications. Intermediates, who are already using it, are complaining about important missing pieces. And experts are comparing it with other such libraries like DOJO, Script.Aculo.Us etc.

    Few of the most important features which are missing in YUI are expandable/collapsible panel. Accordion Menu etc. There exists a library which spices up few things for YUI named bubbling library. It does not provide solutions to all YUI problems but it does provides some interesting widgets which can be plugged with existing YUI controls to provide some respite for the developers. 

    The current version of bubbling library available is 2.0 which supports YUI 1.6.0 build. Earlier version can be used with YUI 1.5.2 build as well.

    Site has got great documentation and the download size is really sleek with only 206 KB. Whether you choose to use it or not but I will recommend one visit to the example section of the site.



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